Focusing on information security for 20 years,making communication safer.

Corporate Culture

Driving force behind the digital security

Founded in 2003, Century Longmai has its headquarters in Beijing, China with an ever-expanding number of more than 100 employees – as one of the leading high-tech enterprises in China providing our customers with solutions for software protection, strong authentication, and electronic document management system. We stay in front to ensure that new technology trends in digital security – providing extended and advanced security solutions to our customers.

Facts about Century Longmai

Century Longmai Technology Co., Ltd has over 12+ years of experience in providing high quality security products and services.  At Century Longmai, we apply industry experience in information security technology and strong innovation capabilities to develop digital solutions based on customer requirements and industry standards. These solutions are dedicated to help customers build safe, efficient and sustainable network and financial systems and have been successfully applied in global projects and proved secure and convenient.

Our offers and innovation

Our range of products are conceived for enterprises, banks, governments, equipment suppliers and telecom operators as an integral part of their solutions to secure access to networks and transactions;  deploy Century Longmai’s Authentication and PKI Tokens, OTP tokens and Wireless PKI Token, Readers and Smart card readers.

Our innovation implementations in the information security sector enable our customers to offer secured, reliable and convenient digital services in their digital environment. Our development is then directly related to multi-industry application of our solutions.

Our customers benefit from us the following:

Flexible production capabilities, from small quantities to large volumes

Best in class supply chain

Worldwide market access to our full product spectrum and multi-lingual support from Longmai’s technical support team.

Competitive lead times for delivery