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Mobile Security for everything

Everything has to be secure

Today, everything your customers do especially on their mobile, they do it expecting it to be secure. Two-factor authentication technology has become increasingly more affordable, enabling businesses to better protect themselves against malicious security threats. However, in the financial sector, online fraud continues to surge, therefore it is increasingly important more than ever to verify the identity of users accessing sensitive data at anytime from

For many people worldwide, mobile banking has just become natural; more people than ever before are managing their finances from their smart mobile device.

A research by KPMG, reports that:

  • Roughly 25% of the world’s population will have a mobile banking account by the end of 2018;
  • Mobile Banking growth is fastest in developing countries, but security remains a concern;
  • This is how mobile phones have become ubiquitous objects playing an integral part in our everyday lives.

Next Generation Mobile Banking Security

mToken BLE Wireless token solution for mobile balances the need for stronger mobile security with user demands for convenience. It natively integrates Bluetooth LE communication and 2FA with electronic signing into mobile applications using standard high level encryption algorithms.

Ultimate user-experience

The mToken BLE ecosystem product portfolio offers the highest level of security for multiple form factor certificate-based authentication for mobile users, ensuring security at every level and bringing an innovative inter-connected levels of security to desktop and mobile applications thus reducing threats, combating fraud and also improving the mobile user experience (UX).

Flexible integration

mToken BLE ecosystem can secure logical access control services hosted on any system by USB connection or Bluetooth communication thus making it ideal for use on Windows, Linux, Android, iOS and all mobile terminal supporting Bluetooth standard.

Top-5 Benefits of LONGMAI Mobile Security

  1. Innovative and secure exchange and storage of sensitive data with strong 2FA/MFA solutions.
  2. High usability and scalability with diverse portfolio of authentication devices that can leverage existing infrastructure.
  3. Cost-effective solution.
  4. Support for multiple mobile terminals and desktop OS platforms.
  5. Highly customizable to enable partner re-marketing needs.



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