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mToken BLE ecosystem

There’s a new way to cater for your consumers’ increasing demands for greater privacy of their communications and it’s made with Century Longmai mToken BLE ecosystem.

In December 2014 a new Bluetooth technology framework was launched by Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) including the following key features include:

  • Power Optimization.
  • Improved Security
  • Enhanced Power Control
  • Lower Latency Rates

Get more technical information on Bluetooth technology including core specifications, FAQs and Quick Reference Guides. Links to tools and information:

  1. Quick Reference Guide
  2. Bluetooth Core Specifications

The new Bluetooth technology framework has created significant advantages for Century Longmai product development by enabling us provide a hardware based wireless PKI solution for mobile users to transact from anywhere with better user experience and assured privacy. Century Longmai brings Wireless PKI to life by designing the mToken BLE ecosystem portfolio of products that are strongly backed by deep security and cryptography research and development, to provide reliable, versatile and standard compliant solution. These bio-communication (supporting Bluetooth and USB) products are designed for secure storage of cryptographic keys and certificates, strong authentication, encryption, and digital signature of email and data while supporting non- repudiation, a crucial feature for proof of financial transactions.

The typical usage includes:

  • Network logon
  • Computer access control
  • Data protection
  • Logical Access control (LAC)
  • Trusted document exchange
  • Secure Internet and remote access
  • e-Commerce and online banking
  • e-Commerce and online banking

mToken BLE ecosystem Features and Benefits

  1. Communication security
  2. Exchange & Storage of Sensitive Data – The mToken BLE ecosystem secures by cryptography stored and exchanged data cryptographic keys are secured through both physical and logical security measures.
  3. New Smart card based Security – Adopting 32-bit smartcard chip technology can connect to PC terminals via High speed USB interface, ensure transmission security and fully protect application data and with onboard security algorithms.
  4. Scalable portfolio of authentication devices – mToken BLE ecosystem can secure logical access control services hosted on any system through the USB connection or by Bluetooth communication. There is guaranteed and proven support for all major mobile operating systems and desktop operating systems including Windows, Mac and Linux.
  5. Strong Two factor authentication (2FA) – mToken BLE ecosystem product portfolio offers the highest level of security for two factor authentication (2FA): the token itself and a PIN, providing an extra level of security for the most sensitive applications. E-Government and E-Banking enablers or retailers can choose from a wide range of wireless form factors including mToken BLE-B1, mToken BLE-B4, and mToken BLE-B56.
  6. Uses Bi-directional authentication between the host and token device
  7. Uses Encrypted USB and Bluetooth communication protocols.
  8. PIN code security
  • Two-level user rights (administrator and users)
  • Users must logon with PIN when communicating with token wirelessly.
  • Password verification and editing operations can be performed through in-build keyboard

Transaction security

  • Internal signature based on RSA algorithm, onboard secret keys
  • Trade double check, exchange information show on LCD display, users need to type PIN code to make verification, and press button to confirm
  • All exchange information is analyzed inside the key to prevent information leakage and data falsification.

Device Address

The mToken products’ device address is uniquely assigned and is used when setting up pairing connections with other Bluetooth devices.

Portability & Usability

The mToken BLE ecosystem of products are especially convenient in situations that require secureauthentication and when smart card readers are not available.Features built in Lithium ion battery for long time usage support without need to charge by USB connection.

Mobility Convenience & Compatibility

  1. Highly scalable – Leverages existing infrastructure and supports both mobile operating systems and major desktop operating systems including Windows, Linux, and OS X. Also devices in this series can be customized with acustomer’s logo and other branding requirements.
  2. Multiple mobile terminals and Mobile OS supported – Supports for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. Users could use USB interface with CSP, PKCS11 middleware and corresponding tools to operate and manage the token device. The Bluetooth Low energy model version are recommended since they are backward compatible and fully compatible with both Android and IOS devices.
  3. Multiple applications Security & Flexibility – The mToken BLE ecosystem products offer extended flexibility while securing a broad range of applications when provisioned with custom Middleware. Meanwhile, the custom Middleware integrates Century Longmai’s smart card cryptography with Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) services to realize high level access control and network security.Discover about this solution dedicated for all your markets

Download the BLE in Wireless PKI deployments – mToken BLE ecosystem White Paper PDF File to  get started